Co - Owners:
Ms Linda (L) 910-515-6213
Ms Katie (R) 910-859-1085

Azalea Performance, Sunday, April 13, 2pm
Children's stage at the Cotton Exchange Parking lot

LDC Studio Office Hours, MTW 3:45 - 8

Ms Andrea Lee joining the teaching staff fall 2013
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Leland Dance Center dba is a division of Encore Dance Center, Inc., an educational forum for the performing art of dance.  We offer classes that provide our dancers a strong technical base, while  focusing on having fun.

We serve the Brunswick County and the greater Wilmington, NC area.  We offer something for every age - if you love to dance, Leland Dance Center is the place for you!

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Faculty are members of Dance Master of America certified by written, oral and performing exams to teach  Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Acro/Gymnastics. 
Ms Linda is one of four international members to successfully complete the requirements to obtain Certified Master's Dance Direction.
Continuing education certificate is up to date.

Leland Dance Center company member Mackenzie takes class with Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms TV fame.  Class also attended by her instructor Ms Linda K.